Travel Clinics at Whitehorse Medical Center

Australians love to travel. We make more than 800,000 trips overseas each year for an average of 23 days. Whether you are travelling to visit families, seek new adventures or experience new cultures, it pays to be prepared.

About 50% of travellers are sick after a holiday to the tropics, especially from diarrhoea or airway infections. Even if you are healthy, being ready before your trip avoids unwanted sickness and costly visits to the local health centre on your holiday.

You should have a travel health check at least six weeks before you travel. However, even if you are travelling tomorrow, there are always things we can do to make sure you have a safe, healthy trip.

Dr Peter Sanad graduated from Monash University in 2011. After four years of speciality medical, surgical and emergency training in Victorian hospitals, he went on to receive RACGP fellowship in 2018. Peter is experienced in general and paediatric medicine, and confidently performs skin excisions, minor surgical procedures and iron infusions on his patients.

Information we need before your booking

At the time of booking, please inform our receptionist that you would like to book a Travel Clinic appointment.

Our comprehensive travel clinic takes take about 30 minutes with one of General Practitioners with special interests in travel health followed by the Practice Nurse for vaccinations if needed on the same day. We will provide a travel health plan that suits your needs, including the required vaccines and medications and their costs.

Whitehorse Medical Centre is a licensed Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and we stock a wide variety of competitively priced vaccines at all times. However, if the appointment is for both you and your family, please speak with our Practice Nurse before your appointment to make sure we are able to give you certain specialised vaccines on the day.

Don’t forget to ask us about our handy Travel Firstaid Kit.

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